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About Meeeee

Howdy and welcome to my site!

I didn't always want to be an actor, when I was a little kid I was painfully shy and all I wanted to be was a volcanologist. Well somehow I found myself in my school's annual operetta in middle school and I was hooked from then on.

The second I graduated high school I moved from my hometown of College Station, TX to New York City to study acting at Marymount Manhattan College. I've since earned my BFA in acting (with a minor in business  management... you know.. to make the family happy). While I spend most of my time in NYC I also like to split some of my time in Los Angeles. 

When not acting or training I'm usually, found exploring the city, going to museums and parks, reading, watching old movies, biking around the city, or planning my next travel adventure (my last adventure took me to Albania!).


Thanks for checking out my website and feel free to email me :)


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